Creat a Prank Virus

Creating a prank virus is easy as eating peanuts

Knowing this virus is very usefull to those foolish student s like me and my troops here are the defferent ways of creating a shutdown virus.

Warning! This is for educational purpose only, don’t try this at home.

Creating a shutdown virus in note pad:

Step 1: open a notepad in windows

Step 2: typed the following codes “shutdown –s –t 30 –c “any comment”

Step 3: Save as anything.exe

-s means “shutdown”

-t means “time in seconds”

-c means “any word”

Creating prank virus in command prompt

Step 1: open command prompt

Step 2: typed the same codes above

Step 3: press enter

Cure: type shutdown –a to termenate the program.


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