Facebook Vs. Other Social Media Sites

Social media sites have become the eternal truth when it comes to connecting with people either for leisure purpose or for some serious stuff.You can use social media websites to get your word out to a large number of people. With a simple click, the task of spreading out your word is achieved.Do not look for ways of promoting to the right audience, because the right audience would do it themselves.

Such power do the social media sites have.You would find all the social media websites to be equally perfect in serving their intended purpose, but still some of them are more useful in terms of brining in traffic and having influence on a large number of audience.With this, the name of Facebook comes to mind.Facebook is an extremely popular one letting you connect to the world very easily.

Facebook outweighs all the social media websites.Read on to find out about the benefits of Facebook as compared to other sites.

User interface can be customized quite easily in Facebook.It allows you the installation of various applications intended for this purpose.Facebook makes it easy to get updated information about your friends through its notification feature.You can communicate in a more fast manner through this feature.You would find Facebook to be on the forefront with regards to brand exposure.Now you can reach out to maximum number of people through the advertising platform of the Facebook.Another benefit which Facebook provides is the increase in traffic when your profile is shared by some user.Let your profile reach out to more and more people.You can also use Facebook for inviting people to some event which you have organized.Facebook lets your invited people to invite yet more people in their network.This indeed is an excellent method for inviting over more people.

Another of the social media site, Twitter, is also popular but it does not have many functionalities as found in Facebook.Twitter lets you connect with people, send out messages and replies but it is not as powerful as Facebook in the sense that Facebook allows you to send emails, share videos, send IMs to your friends etc.Twitter also does not support any monetization plans.

Another great social media site is LinkedIn.Though spontaneous communication is not supported by LinkedIn.You would also not be getting any help in increasing the traffic through it.Still LinkedIn is equally effective for brand exposure as is Facebook.You can connect to the people with similar interests as yours.Anyone looking for a good professional media networking site would greatly benefit from LinkedIn.

Besides the mentioned sites, there are many other social media sites like You Tube, Digg, MySpace but Facebook is the best of all.

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