How To Earn Money Translating Documents

It is always nice to make some extra money, but it’s not always so easy. However, there are now so many more opportunities for us than existed in generations before us. Our parents could not believe that we could use the internet to do extra work and actually earn real money – but that is exactly what many people from the Philippines are doing today, and what they are accomplishing is very impressive!

Today we look at a story of Harris, who spent much of his spare time in school translating documents online and managed to earn a lot of money in the process, even more money than he could even imagine! When he was just 17 he started translating documents for American companies on the internet. At first it was small, and he was mainly focusing on his studies but as time went by he got more and more jobs and eventually found whole websites that provide listings of hundreds of available jobs (Sign Up Here).

Translation is big business! Many companies in the United States and other countries need translations, including Filipino, to use on their websites, movie subtitles, emails and more.

Harris, and many others, make between USD $10 and $80 per translation job – and they are only limited by the amount of free time they have in a day, sometimes earning up to USD $425 per day. Originally from Malaysia, here is Harris holding one of his monthly earning cheques worth MYR 42,000 (Or about 570,000 Philippine Pesos)


Total earnings from the translation is over 570,000 Philippine Pesos per month, and he only does this in his spare time. We had a chance to ask Harris some questions about how he does it.

How much do you make?

I make between $300 and $400 USD per day

How much do you work?

For the translating I usually work 2-3 hours per day, 6 days per week

Can anyone do this?

Yes, anyone can sign up and earn money translating documents. There is a big demand. You get paid for every job you do which is on average $60

What Website Do you use to find the jobs?

I use Real Translator Jobs (Sign Up Here) for all the job listings

Do you have to be fluent in English?

No my English is not perfect, but that is ok.

Does it cost money?

Yes only one time to join the program and access the jobs. About $30 to join, but you earn that money back on your first job so it is a good idea

The best part is, anyone with internet access can also do this. Translators from the Philippines needed now! If you would like to also earn money translating documents online – Sign Up Here

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