Apple: 46% of devices running iOS 8



Nearly half of all mobile devices from Apple are running the company’s newest operating system, according to app store distribution data from Apple.

As of September 21, four days after the launch of iOS 8, Apple says 46% of devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are running the operating system. Meanwhile, 49% still run iOS 7, while 5% are using an earlier version of iOS.

Last week, mobile ad company Tapjoy noted the adoption rate of iOS 8 is happening much slower than its predecessor, iOS 7. “This is likely due to having a separate release schedule for the software and hardware with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not having been delivered to consumers just yet,” said Patrick Seybold, vice president of communications at Tapjoy. “It could also be because the download takes up quite a bit of space – about 1GB.”

The upgrade introduces several key features, including messaging enhancements, easier access to contacts and the ability to perform tasks within the Notifications tab.

The switch to iOS 8 hasn’t been smooth for all Apple customers. CNet reports several have complained through Apple’s support forum about slower Wi-Fi and shorter battery life.

Meanwhile, tech site BGR reports owners of older devices including the iPhone 4S and second-generation iPad have experienced troubles with the switch in operating systems.

Readers, how has your experience been with iOS 8? Share in the comments below.

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