8 Important Questions About Technology and Learning

There are so many different challenges that technology integration in the classroom presents teachers. From budgets to hesitant parents to broken devices and totally re-vamping your lesson plans and constantly tweaking with lots of trial and error. It can be fun, hugely rewarding, and a big giant headache, too.

But just because it can be a pain and present a ton of hurdles doesn’t mean that schools, teachers, parents, and students shouldn’t embrace it. How many quotes are floating around out there about how challenging things teach us so much more than the things that come easy to us? Or about the importance of failure? Tons. The video below is about embracing the hurdles technology in schools poses. It asks some important questions (which we’ve detailed below).

Do you ask yourself the hard questions about technology integration? Take a gander and the questions the video poses – do you have any answers? Share them with the community by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Important Questions About Technology and Learning
What do we want technology to do in schools?
Does more money equal increased learning?
If we buy a lot of expensive technology and sometimes use it ineffectively, or dangerously, what does that get us?
Are we asking the right questions about technology, learning, and schools?
What world will our students exit school into?
What skills will they need to be successful? Collaboration – Communication – Creativity – Divergent thinking
We need technology to help foster these skills, and point our students in the right direction
Is the way we are using technology now turning our students ‘off’ to the people and the world around them?

Source : http://www.edudemic.com/technology-and-learning-questions/

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