Find holiday gifts that entertain and educate kids


The holiday season is upon us, and, for many, it’s time to wrack your brain to come up with the perfect gifts for the special young ones in your life. While you want to bring joy and entertainment to your kids this holiday season, a gift that’s also constructive and conducive to learning development would be even better. An ideal gift for kids would blend the fun of an inventive toy with the educational value of a product designed to teach as well as entertain.
Gifts that stimulate kids’ brains as well as their senses are exactly what Learning Resources ( specializes in. Here you’ll find an abundance of gift options to delight children ages 2-8+.
Learning Resources offers educational toys that engage kids with creative play, discovery and exploration, and construction and critical thinking, all the while building crucial skills and fostering social development.
Stuff their stockings with games, mini-construction vehicles or electronic flash cards. Or place something big under the tree with teaching cash registers, construction gear sets, and play food collections. Whether you’re looking for big-ticket items that you can feel good about, or fun and simple stocking-stuffers, Learning Resources has what you need to make it a very special holiday for every unique child.
Receive FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more from Learning Resources. And Learning Resources’ easy-to-navigate website arranges toys by age group, price range, brand and subject, with top-selling product recommendations—making it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Learning Resources is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction, and offers a refund on any product within 90 days of purchase if it is returned in original condition.
Visit their website at, and stay out of the malls and department stores this shopping season. Need help matching the gift to your child’s special needs? Contact them 1-800-333-8281.

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