A wide spectrum of inventions


PROBaton, a multi-purpose truncheon invented by Francisco Pagayon.
MANILA, Philippines – An alternative medicine and the latest sensation in the world of Filipino inventions are now being displayed and up for grabs at the showroom and business center of the Filipino Inventors Society Producer Cooperative (FISPC) in Quezon City.

The FISPC, established to serve as the business arm of the Filipino Inventors’ Society, is the newest and latest sensation in the world of Filipino inventions and is now the “talk of the town” in the emerging clique of entrepreneurial Filipino inventors.

Francisco Pagayon, president of the cooperative, said his invention — the multi-purpose PROBaton truncheon — is currently being used by police personnel and barangay tanods nationwide to augment peace-keeping effectiveness.

The “hot item” is an alternative technical weapon designed for close quarters combat, patrol duty, riot control and where firearms cannot be used such as in densely populated places like malls, market and public parks.

The defense-offense truncheon is now especially designed for proper handling, weight and dimensions with an “ambidex” holder and steel reinforcement implant. It has also a training manual and CD, and advanced-course personal training kit.

The new design also has solid polymer of isoprene coating material designed to minimize its fatality potential (to avoid breaking skull and bones and permanent injury) without prejudice to its effectiveness in inflicting punishment to subjugate adversaries.

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Presently put on public display in the showroom of Filipino ingenuity and “inventrepreneurship” is alternative medicine PiCur, an invention of Richard Gomez and his son Rigel.

PiCur is an achievement in the fast-growing field of natural food supplements. The first syllable in PiCur is for piperin which Rigel added to amplify the turmeric curcumin rhizome efficacy and bio-availability by such as 10 times as 10 mg, increasing the body’s ability to fully absorb curcumin. As minerals complement vitamins for utmost efficacy, so does the pipiren blend with curcumin to form PiCur.

Gomez, who was involved in the food supplement business in mid-1990s and was able to introduce a lot of new food supplements, said that as the country struggles uphill, Filipinos need the strength for good health.

The Gomezes’ other medicine invention is the JamPerine, a potent anti-diabetic herb in the ayurvedic arsenal.

Every bottle of JamPerine contains glycoside jamboline with pancreatic effect. It activates the pancreas to produce insulin. It also contains alkaloid jambosine with extra pancreatic effect. It aids in the utilization of glucose and insulin.

It could reduce blood sugar by as much as 40 percent in two hours.

When the Gomezes established their company, the GlobaLeader Inc., they also introduced MoringaCUR Plus, a total nutrition and protection food supplement.

The new vitamin, also being displayed at the FISPC’s showroom, has all the goodness of PiCur that promotes healthy circulatory system.

The vitamin, made of malunggay, also increases human energy, gives general wellness, improves the natural defenses of the body, and promotes proper digestion and better metabolism.

These alternative medicine are now being patronized in Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Pagayon said their group aims to generate, produce and market indigenous inventions and technologies to help attain economic progress and industrial prosperity for the country.

For inquiries, contact the FISPC at 709-0260, e-mail at teddec@filipinoinventorssociety.com or visit http://www.filipinoinventorssociety.com.

Source : http://www.philstar.com/science-and-technology/2013/06/20/955856/wide-spectrum-inventions

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