Free Facebook for Globe and TM Subscribers

You may wonder what the specifics are and how you can avail of the Free Facebook promo. Globe and TM actually inform users via notification of the free FB use as I have in fact received such notification. Unfortunately, I cannot make use of the free FB access since I’m on unlimited data plan. If you don’t get such notice, users need to dial *143# and select the FREE FB option get details on how to access Globe’s Free Facebook.

Free Facebook is available to all Globe Prepaid and Postpaid as well as TM subscribers using feature phones and smartphones. Users may use the Facebook app on their phones or access the mobile site (

Are there limitations on FB use, you ask? In essence, there are only a few. You can use Facebook the normal way and can therefore post, like, comment, upload photos and chat without being charged for data connection. What you can’t do is access links that bring you outside Facebook. As a precaution, Globe will notify you if you are about to access an outside link that will be chargeable. You cannot also play FB games, otherwise, you will be charged.

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