10 Latest Technology Trends for 2012

2012 is finally upon us and the technological world has been buzzing with predictions on what the new year will bring in terms of IT trends, strategies and developments.
Last year, AnsonAlex.com reported on the top technology trends for 2011 and now, in 2012, I would like to continue the tradition.
Gartner Inc. conducts an annual report on the upcoming technological trends for the next year. I find that Gartner’s report is one of the more accurate forecasts of technological progress.
The report included the following predictions that I have expanded upon below:
Media Tablets and Smartphones
Almost a no-brainer, Gartner predicts that mobile device adoption will continue to rise in 2012. Companies will have to enact new policies to control both business related use of tablets / smartphones and the increasing distraction that mobile devices are creating for employees.
Mobile Application Development
As the use of mobile devices increases, the need for user friendly mobile apps also continues to rise. 2012 will bring more fluid mobile applications that make use of video, gesture and touch technologies.
A More Customized User Experience
Gartner identifies this trend as “Contextual and Social User Experience” but what it really comes down to is the development of services that are customized for each particular user. For example, Google recently announced a tighter bond between Google+ and Google Search. What that means for the end user is that if you use “personalized” search, your search results for the same keyword as someone else, will be significantly different because you have different social connections.
Apps will use your GPS location to display more accurate information and satisfy users’ needs more fully. The days of a “one size fits all” cloud based service are ending and the days of complete customization will really take off in 2012.
The Emergence of a “Physical” Internet
The “Internet of Things” as Gartner describes it, will emerge in 2012 like it never has before. Traditionally, the internet has been a place on a screen that you can look at but not really touch.
In 2012, we will see more real-world objects that are actually connected to the internet. Image recognition services will be able to identify real world objects. Mobile payments will increase drastically.
A world that has traditionally only been accessible from our home PCs will increasingly become the everyday world that we interact with no matter where we go.
Enterprise App Store Adoption
Marketplaces and app stores were originally created for end-users to download applications to their mobile devices or as add-ons to cloud based products. As the app store business model as proven to be a successful one, application developers and marketers will focus more heavily on developing apps and marketplaces for businesses instead of just consumers.
If you’re familiar with Google Apps for Enterprise, you’re also probably aware that it features a growing application marketplace containing free and paid Google Apps add-ons for businesses. Business will have to change the way they analyze solutions as there will be more choices available and decision making methods will have to be altered as a result of the rise of enterprise level application marketplaces.
Real-Time Analytics
Gartner envisions the evolution of traditional analytics to take a big leap in 2012. The most important trend to look out for in 2012 in regards to analytics is that of real-time analytics. Google now features a beta “real-time analytics” as part of Google Analytics that is changing the way marketers and internet-based companies make their decisions.
Managers will be able to use real-time data to make quicker decisions and discover trends and patterns at a much faster rate. This will increase the accuracy of analytical data and allow companies to more easily adjust their planning based on consumer reaction.
Data Warehousing Changes
As the amount of data stored in computer systems exponentially increases everyday, traditional data storage technologies are no longer as effective as they once were. In order to maintain logical tables, all relevant data cannot be kept in one single data warehouse. New technologies are emerging that allow data to be read from multiple sources simultaneously instead of using traditional data warehousing techniques.
In-Memory Database Systems
New technologies are beginning to allow more robust usage of volatile memory states such as the random access memory (RAM) on your computing device. Traditionally these storage methods came with a high risk of data loss because data was not permanently written to a disk.
Modern technologies however, allow easier methods of backing up volatile storage methods and/or recovering them. Because no data is written to a disk, main memory storage can process information significantly faster than traditional technologies and will continue to emerge in 2012.
More Energy Reducing Servers
As the planet attempts to “go green”, some companies are also going green with their IT infrastructure. Low-energy servers consume significantly less energy than traditional units and more processors can be stored in a single unit.
Systems requiring intensive computations will not be able to function as effectively on low-power servers so this is still a developing technology.
Cloud Computing Continues to Grow
It may be a surprise to hear that, even with all of the cloud computing buzz in the last couple years, the concept is still in its infancy of adoption. Companies will continue to shift towards cloud environments in 2012 whether they are public clouds or privately managed and secured cloud environments.
As in previous years, companies will have to make tough decisions on which processes are appropriate for cloud environments. Concentration on cloud computing security will be heavy in 2012 as it is the main concern currently holding many organizations back from embracing the technology.

Infor Source: http://ansonalex.com/technology/10-latest-technology-trends-for-2012/

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