Survey: Teachers want more access to technology, collaboration

Annual survey reveals the right tools would help teachers differentiate instruction

The second part of a national survey on college and career readiness and the challenges facing U.S. teachers reveals that educators consider the ability to differentiate instruction for their students as essential for students’ success—and more access to technology will help them do this, they say.
MetLife’s “Survey of the American Teacher: Preparing Students for College and Careers” looks at student differences, how teachers are addressing them, and how well students feel their needs are being met. The first part of the survey, “Part 1: Clearing the Path,” released earlier this month, examines what college- and career-ready means for different stakeholders.
Given limited resources, teachers say opportunities for collaborative teaching (65 percent), access to online and technology resources (64 percent), better tools for understanding students’ learning strengths and needs (63 percent), and instructional strategies for teaching English language learners (62 percent) would have a major impact on their ability to address the different learning needs of individual students.
“Teachers say that more opportunities for collaboration with other teachers and greater access to technology and other instructional tools would significantly improve their ability to help diverse learners succeed, both now and in the future,” according to the report.



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