Global Education Sector and Changing Trends


Education industry is one of the fastest developing sector worldwide, generating large scale revenues and employment. There have been major changes occurred in recent past in the structure and education technology driven by foreign education demand, e-learning and test preparation market. With the effect of globalization, the demand for better education has increased, largely through increased private participation. E-education market is a burgeoning segment with high growth potential in the industry. In 2007-08, US constituted 60% of the global market and Europe accounted for 15% market. In spite of the global economic downturn the number of students going to abroad for studies rising globally. The global education industry has experienced a rapid growth rate supported by rising awareness in developing countries (especially India & China).

Australia has developed an effective and efficient higher education system. Almost one million students enrolled in higher education in 2007, with an increase of almost 4.7% from the level in 2006. In Japan continuing education programs are most on demand due to rapidly aging population and offering opportunities for U.S. extension colleges and universities. Indonesia is regarded as one of the major markets for US educational institutes. There is increased demand in the private education market at the secondary and even primary education level in Korea. English is a very popular language for Belgian citizens, ESL courses has a bright future due to its rising demand in adults and children group.

In India, private sector has a strong hold in education industry starting from pre-schools to universities, formal IES accounts for almost US$~ billion, non-formal IES US$~billion and together almost US$~ billion in 2009.

The report analyzes the unique features of different regions which have contributed significantly to the “Global Education Sector” with a special focus on the possible opportunities for the private players. The markets which contribute to the global education sector include Ireland, EU and Asia-Pacific and also countries coved under these regions. The report also highlights the emerging market which has a huge potential to develop the education industry. The report also discusses the contribution of technology, recent trends and active players in the market. The report has also covered future forecast of education industry in different parts of the world.


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